FAQs When Getting A Black And Gold Glock

While some +P ammunition complies with these recommendations, +P+ ammunition typically does not. Instead, we advise utilizing ammunition that is produced and complies with SAAMI or other industry standards. This ammo could produce more pressure than typical ammunition, which might affect the lifespan of your firearm’s components.

You can change the barrel on your GLOCK pistol to change the caliber. Early GLOCK models, nevertheless, might not be able to be converted. If you’re unsure whether your pistol can be modified, contact us via +1 (646) 685-3401.

Yes, the assembly notch is intended just for assembly. When the recoil spring assembly is removed, the slide and barrel advance and pick it up out of the lower position. The recoil spring assembly drops down into the frame recess and remains there until that time.