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Automatic Glock 18 for Sale

The Glock 18 for sale is a full-size automatic pistol chambered for the 9x19mm cartridge. It possesses an inexhaustible rate of fire in three-round bursts, thanks to its special mechanism that allows recoil from the fired cartridge to partially pull back the slide and cock the gun. There are two models: one with a non-functional switch, and another where you can have it function as a semi-automatic or burst fire pistol. Either model includes a 25rnd magazine and has hop-up adjustment capability. It features a large magazine capacity and a high rate of fire. (Fully-automatic version of the G17). Gold guns for sale, Glock 18 for sale online, Glock 18 fully automatic for sale, and transferable Glock 18 for sale.

Glock 18 for Sale

This fully automatic Glock fires standard 9mm rounds and can empty 130 rounds in under 7 seconds. Glock 18s are typically used by special forces units and undercover agents and were only made for police sales between 1986–and 1989. The best part of this gun? It looks just like a regular Glock model (hence the 18), which allows you to throw off your enemies before taking them out.

With its high magazine capacity, large caliber, and high efficiency against unarmored targets, the Glock 18 is well suited to close-quarters combat. Glock full auto switch for sale, how can I get a Glock 18, how much is a Glock 18, Glock 18 dealer sample, Glock 18 slide, and Glock 18c for sale are all here.


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